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physics tells you about the laws and principles and the whole universe and explains great things, big things that we cannot even understand in two letters. it is hard to understand the >> people are going what? would is she talking about? we are sorry. we will catch up. i thought you were weak in math, that was your worst subject. >> not that good in calculations, but still i work hard and i loved english literature, i love english grammar and also love all of these subjects also taking an interest in history and physics and i don't know why. >> i understand you had a friendly competition with the other two girls in your class. are you worried they are getting ahead of you now that you are on book tour? you were first, second? third? >> when i was in birmingham we used to have -- we use to fight a lot, who will get the top position, always get the high marks and when we were talking i asked how are you feeling? you're getting the top position and no more of this, not only am i enjoying my competition with anyone, i don't enjoy my exams even. if i'm getting this position it does not gi
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1